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Waupun, Ripon, Green Lake & Fond du lac Area Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet CleaningCommercial Carpet Cleaning

Our commercial carpet cleaning system basic cleaning service includes commercial cleaning enzymes that break up, dissolve and emulsify visible soils with alkaline booster cleaning solutions.  While cleaning your commercial carpeting, our carpet cleaning system automatically neutralizes your carpeting fibers so that the cleaning results are deeper, and your carpeting gets restored to a like new condition.   We also offer an additional spray on protection after a deep, restorative cleaning!

Commercial Floor Cleaning

We clean all commercial floors using our hot water extraction cleaning system with customized cleaning solutions, controlled heat and pressure as low as 100 psi for linoleum cleaning, VCT cleaning and rubberized floor cleaning. Break room cleaning, lounge cleaning, office cleaning,  We also clean wood floors with our Vapamore’ Professional steam cleaner with custom cleaning solutions and cleaning temperature.  We also strip old wax, clean and re-wax after cleaning your VCT commercial flooring.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery and area rug cleaning for commercial applications using our Saphire Scientific upholstery cleaning custom tool.  We control the pressure and temperature and customize your cleaning solution for cleaning each specific fabric.  We deep clean nylon, polyester, acrylic, cotton, olefin, wool, blended fabrics and more. 

Commercial Natural Stone Cleaning

Trained and certified for natural stone cleaning on flooring and walls, we deep clean your natural stone. Interior or exterior cleaning.  Marble cleaning, Terrazzo cleaning, Flagstone cleaning, Slate cleaning, Limestone cleaning, Granite cleaning, and much more.  Brick and mortar cleaning, fireplace cleaning, mantle and hearthstone cleaning, countertop cleaning, retaining wall cleaning, shower and tub cleaning. Most stains and soils are extracted using our custom deep cleaning system.  We also offer to strip carpeting and glues off of natural stone flooring as part of our natural stone cleaning process.

Commericial Concrete Floor Cleaning

Concrete deep cleaning removes soils and staining from the top layer of concrete, whether it be a garage floor cleaning, basement concrete floor or wall cleaning.  Heated concrete floor cleaning in your main living area.  We use hot water extraction cleaning, which includes cleaning solution, heat, high pressure and vacuum to give your concrete a new clean look!